Truth and Reconciliation Commission Letter

Bijaya Pokharel
Executive Director
Neighborhood Empowerment & Resource Centre Inc.
1655­400 Webb Place
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3J3

To Mr. Bijaya Pokharel,

Thank you for contacting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and for your continued support of this important work. We were extremely grateful for your letter of appreciation, and appreciate your willingness to move reconciliation forward.
As the Commission’s work begins to wrap up, we must begin to take action that moves reconciliation forward in this country. We cannot allow momentum to slow or come to a halt. The work on reconciling the relationships between indigenous and non­indigenous people living in Canada has to start now and be carried on for generations to come.
We appreciate your offer to help in this important task. As you are certainly aware, we released a substantial list of 94 recommendations to help guide the reconciliation process in Canada.

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