From internationally trained nurse to registered nurse in Canada

My experience with NEARC as an organization cannot be overemphasized. It has been a tremendous achievement for me in reaching my long-term goal. I am an internationally trained Nurse from Nigeria with no insight of workplace information and strategies. With the recently concluded internship, I was able to convince many employers. I got a Canadian workplace experience. Likewise, all the required pieces of training I ought to work as a health care professional were achieved through this program

I really acknowledge the flexibility and encouragement from the Executive Director, Bijaya who made my dreams a reality through his intense effort for the achievement of my success. I met with wonderful fellow-participants as well. I am so happy because this program built a steppingstone for me to reach my long-term goal to be a REGISTERED NURSE IN CANADA!!

Adeson Adepeju
Bayshore Home Health, ENWIN Participant/NEARC Inc.