Oluwafemi Togun job’s placement at the great west life

For me, immigration was a complicated puzzle. Relocating to a new environment with an entirely new culture requires a substantial level of emotional readiness. I always thought I was prepared but unfortunately, preparation is more than just packing luggage and jumping on the plane.

I arrived in Winnipeg in November 2018 as a Permanent Resident and started seeking job opportunities in the IT industry right away, I had previously worked as an IT PROJECT Coordinator for 3 years in one of the leading telecoms organizations in the world with a master’s degree from UK in telecoms. So, it didn’t cross my mind for a moment that I would find it uneasy to get a job in my field of specialty.

Fast forward to January 2019, I still do not have a job and was still actively, or perhaps I’d say aggressively seeking a job opportunity, then I stumbled on a work-internship by NEARC Inc. which I enrolled in starting Jan 15th, 2019. This was my first big step into the Canadian labor market, it gave it an opportunity to meet other newcomers of different nationality and culture, got answers to some newcomer questions.

There were several sessions where my resume was reviewed and I was not only assisted to apply for the job openings I desired, I was also offered a job placement to get me involved in the Winnipeg labor market. My placement with NEARC was more than an opportunity but HOPE I would say, helped me become more aware of what the workplace is like in Canada.

Leaving everything behind and starting a new journey is not easy. We say with preparation from programs from NEARC, we can overcome those challenges and get all unasked questions answered.

Oluwafemi Togun
Business Solutions Analyst, The Great-West Life, ENWIN Participant/NEARC Inc.