Seham Abbakar – Team Lead, NEEDS Inc.

I personally believe that in couple of years, Neighborhood Empowerment and Resource Centre (NEARC Inc.) will be one of the youth leading organizations in Canada. I joined NEARC in 2016 as part of their “Pilot Project-16”. I did four weeks of intensive employability skills training collaboratively rendered by NEARC Inc. and Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg. After the training, I was placed in 12 Weeks-Work Internship Program and I was lucky enough to be accepted as a Psychosocial Educator at NEEDS Inc. long before my placement was over. I have no hesitation to share that NEARC Inc. is behind me to help me reach my goal and be who I am today.

We all know what it means to be newcomer in a new country and have to start from the scratch, during this journey you will be lost if you don’t find someone to hold your hands and push you up, I was lucky enough that NEARC was there supporting me as my hands. Its program is geared towards newcomers, immigrant and refugees. While at NEARC, I truly felt like home and after longtime I truly felt I was heard and be myself. Please be encouraged and continue to help NEARC offer such programs empowering newcomers and changing their perspectives.
I am grateful and honored to be part of NEARC and I am glad, as it displays in its website and fully guided by a famous quote of Henry Ford,

“Coming Together is the Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success”.

I am proudly keeping together since 2016.
Bijaya is exceptional organizational leader who truly speaks the language of newcomer youth.

Seham Abbakar
Team Lead, NEEDS Inc.