Got Dream Job Through NEARC’s ENWIN Program

I came to Canada with the mindset of getting a job instantly. I had experience of my home country, Nigeria. However, I was desperately looking for a job since last five months when I arrived in Canada. I searched for work but didn’t get any, in fact I had started losing hope, until one of my Aunties saw NEARC Inc. and sent it to me. I did not put too much effort on it because I assumed it was going to be like the other ones. Somehow, I applied for the job internship position. Then I saw no experience needed, I was happy and applied.

When I arrived there, I expected everything to be professional, so I was slightly nervous, but it wasn’t all that. They made me feel comfortable, they were nice and all that and this made me open with them and felt cozy and comfortable. As part of the ENWIN Program they provided lots of training for us. some I never thought I needed.

My main goal was to study Nursing, so I was looking for a placement in my field. I will have experience in what I’m going for and NEARC Inc. helped me get a job close to it which is a daycare job, and they didn’t get any daycare they got me one that made me feel like family. I was happy and still I cherished that till now. I still rather love to work with the daycare as a summer student during my break than anywhere else. Thank you so much NEARC for everything! Bijaya is a great person even as I am not with the organization anymore, he still checks on me and my family to know if we are okay. I feel so proud that I joined the ENWIN Program. I am so grateful to connecting with other fellow-participants.

Ms. Blessing Oshonelume
Nursing Student at Mount Royal University