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Dr. Apurba Deb

Apurba Krishna Deb loves to work for the Mother Nature, her creations irrespective of identities, and humanity. Born in a pretty-much untrodden remote village ‘Singharia’ in the coastal district Chittagong, Bangladesh, he earned resilience and experiential knowledge of surviving through natural calamities, the historic liberation war of 1971 as a refugee, political and institutional upheavals, and epidemics. For his early education, he walked miles every school day on the muddy rural roads. Later, he sailed across the University of Chittagong (Bangladesh), Stirling University (Scotland, UK), Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and University of Manitoba for illuminating himself. He presented in dozens of international seminars and conferences worldwide, the recent one of its kind being organized by Cambridge University, UK, in January 2021.

In his professional life, he has worked for community development and natural resource management programs for regional and international organizations like DFID (UK), Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UN-FAO) in leading capacities. He now serves as a Civil Servant of the Government of Manitoba in the department of Conservation and Climate.

He has been involved with NEARC board for around three years and contributes to NEARC’s transformational and reconciliation activities. He is also involved with a few more ethno-cultural organizations in Winnipeg. He is blessed with his wife, Sarmista; daughter, Mrittika; and son, Moinak.

He can be reached at apurba_deb2003@yahoo.com.