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Dr. Purushottam Raj Singh

Dr. Purushottam Raj Singh (Puru) is an engineer by profession and he is from Nepal. He has been in Canada for over 24 years in various capacities professionally - as a Ph.D. student of the University of Alberta, a senior engineer with a private company and more recently with the Province of Manitoba.

Dr. Singh has served in a number of volunteer organizations. His involvement to various organizations increased more recently after coming to Winnipeg in 2009. His passion to serve for community where he lives attracted him to work for a number of organizations as coordinators, VPs, Presidents, and Advisors in a number of organizations including Nepali Cultural Society of Manitoba, AIT Alumni Association (Canada Chapter), Manitoba Association of Government Engineers to name few. He has been serving as the founding coordinator of the Nepali Language and Cultural Centre, Winnipeg since 2011. Even Covid19 has not stopped him from running the Nepali school in the community this academic year as he and his volunteer teachers prepared teaching materials last summer to run the virtual classrooms in zoom every Saturday.

He strongly believes that one has to give selfless volunteer time to serve for the community. He also believes the work we do should inspire our youth members. Dr. Singh can be reached by email at prsingh_nepal@hotmail.com .