About Us History

About Us History


Neighborhood Empowerment and Resource Centre (NEARC Inc.) was formally incorporated in July 2014. However, it existed as a community group active in various community related activities since 2009. NEARC was incorporated as Winnipeg-based newcomer student serving organization. Thus, still today our purpose is ‘to address and prevent obstacles faced by newcomer children and youth, and enable their full participation in Canadian society, by facilitating and providing life-skills training, academic guidance, personal mentorship, and connections to employment opportunities’.

Establishment of NEARC INC.

One of the founders was touched by a true story of a newcomer student who was forced to graduate regular high school, who was just 19 years old at that time. According to the Public School Act, the student could have attended the school for another two years. When we connected with the respective school, we were told the student had over credits. Sadly, the student could not get admitted to any of the post secondary institutions for not having enough compulsory credits. This was an alarm call how can we support newcomer students. There was so much to educate and mentor newcomer students and needed direct advocacy on behalf of them.
After rigorous consultations with educationists, parents, newcomer students and some organizations including Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services (N.E.E.D.S.) Inc, NEARC Inc was incorporated in July 2014.

Initial Goals & Objectives

We developed unique objective of providing social and emotional supports to newcomer students and acclimating them to new environment. First and foremost, we get to know the students and their needs, educate and engage them in school community while work closely with families, guardians, and sponsors. NEARC always worked towards helping dispel stereotypes and making assumptions about cultures, language, and family history may result in misconceptions about a student and his or her family’s cultural background.


Having such a broader objectives, great motto and good intention to serve for such a great cause, NEARC Inc. could not upkeep its sole purpose to serve newcomer students. Funding resource was one of the key constraints that we could not support these students directly. NEARC Inc. has been approved for its research proposal on proposed focus group research to determine newcomer student needs by the Winnipeg School Division.

Thus, we moved as a newcomer youth serving organization and today NEARC Inc. is transitioning towards integrating the:
  • Black,
  • Mainstream Canadian,
  • Indigenous and Newcomer (BMIN) youth.
  • Developed programs for youth economic empowerment, leadership development and educating youth on Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and Climate Change actions.
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