About Us Our Team Mr. Oluwafemi Togun

Mr. Oluwafemi Togun

Oluwafemi Togun is a renowned Information technology specialist with over 7 years of experience in delivery exceptional IT service delivery around the world. In the course of his career he has had to travel to different countries around the world like Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, India, United Kingdom etc.

He currently works with Canada life Insurance as an Investment Technology Analyst. He Holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Babcock University in Nigeria, a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Network Engineer in the United Kingdom we and a Business Analytics Certification from Harvard business School online.

Oluwafemi’s vision is to be an honest, empathetic and impactful Friend/Husband/leader and to be recognized internationally within his industry to participate actively in uplifting the welfare of the community by investing in people's lives especially the less privilege. His educational background and work experiences helped him to build a strong relationship with the diverse people in our community and support them in various ways.

Previously, he has served for the NEARC Inc. in various capacities. Currently, he has been assigned as the Board Oversight for the Future-2025 initiative where NEARC Inc. plans to develop a Youth Advisory Team and work with you.

Oluwafemi can be reached by email at phemmyjohn@hotmail.com