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Ms. Ariana Yaftali

Ariana Yaftali is a conflict resolution practitioner with many years of experience in settlement sector, including immigration, refugees, citizenship, and integration of new Canadians in Canada. She is the author of “We Did It” book, a collection of refugees’ experiences overseas, sponsorship and settlement of refugees in Canada.

She has worked at Manitoba Interfaith Council, Mount Carmel Clinic and Manitoba Institutes of Trades and Technology, where she had the opportunity to serve the community in different roles. Now, she is working as a Case Coordinator at Family Dynamics.

Ariana is the Co-Founder of the Afghan-Canadian Women’s Organization, an organization that supports and advocates for women and their families in the Afghan community in Winnipeg. Ariana has sat on the board of several non-profits, locally and nationally, including Entry Program, MOSAIC, Occupational Health Center, NEARC Inc, Institute for International Women’s Rights – Manitoba and Voices of Women for Peace. She has served as an Executive Member of the Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) and represented Manitoba in the Gov/NGO national committee of Sponsorship Agreement Holder which strongly advocates on behalf of newcomers and immigrants to Canada and refugees around the world. Prior to coming to Canada, Ariana worked as human rights activist with several organizations she was committed for Human Rights and women’s rights advancement and equality. She believes in diversity, fascinated by individuals' backgrounds, traditions, culture, and strengths. She is a proud mother to eleven-year-old Liliana.

Ariana can be reached at arianayaftali@yahoo.com