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Ms. Olena Velynteichyk

Ms. Olena Velynteichyk is the Director of Neighborhood Empowerment and Resource Centre (NEARC Inc.). Being a newcomer to Canada, Olena brings a fresh perspective from her own lived experience in Winnipeg. She proudly shares the challenges of adjusting to a new country with different culture and a totally different perspective. All these situations have better prepared to be an advocate for people needing help and guidance. She is very passionate about helping people, youth and adults, to reduce barriers, overcome difficulties, and embrace the cultural diversity. She feels more attached with newcomer families. Her reason for serving in the Board of NEARC Inc. is that she can contribute for this genuine cause through the organization. She is always excited about living in this society where people are ready to help those who are in need.

Olena has a Master’s Degree in Science from Ukraine, her home country and possesses more than 20 years of teaching experience there. Currently, she has been working as a teacher at Private Ukrainian School in Winnipeg where majority of the students are from immigrant families. She teaches with her passion and dedicates herself to educating students to their fullest potential in a culture of hope and optimism. She is proud to have completed English as a Second Language Certificate Program at University of Winnipeg. Olena has attended training facilitated by the Amnesty International Group and participated in various letter writing campaigns and fundraising events against the victim of tortures. Since 2016, she has been volunteering at Entry Program for Older Adults at Age & Opportunity. She is always eager to help vulnerable members of our society.