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Ms. Sima Roy

Sima Roy is a practicing lawyer in Manitoba. She had an opportunity to practice in Bangladesh and United Kingdom. She holds a LL. B (P.G.) from the University of Calcutta (India), an additional LL. B(Hons.) from the University of Huddersfield (UK), and an LL.M in International Human Rights from the University of East London (UK). She has taught law-related courses in Universities in Canada and in the UK.

She has been involved in a wide range of multicultural activities. She speaks four different languages including English, Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. Her educational background and work experiences helped her to build a strong relationship with the diverse people in our community and support them through various community services.

She strongly advocates that every child in our community should be treated equally regardless of their ethnicity, color, religion, race and background. As a social activist, she believes education is the key in instilling them on how to enrich their thinking, learning, coping and caring through different viewpoints and apply this to their wellbeing.

Sima can be reached by email at roysima2512@gmail.com.