About Us Strategic Plan 2019-2021

About Us Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Strategic Plan 2019-2021


Our mission is to thrive to empower immigrants, newcomers and under-represented youth groups by providing guidance, support and integrating with Indigenous youth.


NEARC Inc. envisions a just society with culturally diverse, socially empowered, and financially sustainable communities.


  • Governance
  • Collaboration & Reciprocity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Truth & Reconciliation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Mutual Respect


To address and prevent obstacles faced by newcomer children and youth, and enable their full participation in Canadian society, by facilitating and providing life-skills training, academic guidance, personal mentorship, and connections to employment opportunities.


  • To promote reconciliation, maintain community harmony and peace.
  • To foster skills for youth employment, apprenticeship, economic growth.
  • To educate Sustainable Development Goal Agendas and engage in issues of Climate Change.
  • To enhance partnerships and need-based stakeholder services.
  • To advance diversity, inclusion and work towards eliminate racism collaboratively.
  • To build target groups’ capacity to deliver for well-being for everyone.
  • To help connect young people with resources and, equips with right tools and knowledge to overcome barriers towards successful settlement and integration.
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