Our Programs Youth In Leadership (YOU-LEAD)

Our Programs Youth In Leadership (YOU-LEAD)

Youth In Leadership (YOU-LEAD)

YOU-LEAD initiative connects young people from a diverse background and provides them opportunity to enhance their leadership values, nurture active community engagement, and involve in civic actions.
Ultimately, these youth will gain:

  • Confidence
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Have better global perspective they need to lead change within themselves and their communities.

Under various global, federal and provincial initiatives, NEARC Inc. plans to empower next generation of youth leaders of Manitoba who are under 30 years and passionate about change.

Impact of YOU-LEAD

By developing and empowering themselves through the positive impacts of inclusion in the community and beyond, the present-day youth leaders will help develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed to lead the next generation of youth and contribute to changing the world at the intersection of community, policy and social front creating greater impacts.

Eligibility For YOU-LEAD Program

If you are a youth between 16 - 30 years and passionate about addressing complex social issues to bring about positive change for young people,  please mail us at changemakers@yournearc.org

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